Sunday, March 1, 2015

Family Command Center

We have a huge island in our kitchen that seems to serve the purpose of a giant bowl to catch all of our junk as we walk in the door each day! When we walk in the house our keys, mail, daycare papers, etc. all get piled on the island! No matter how much time I had spent cleaning the house that day I felt like it was a mess again the second I looked in the kitchen! Sound familiar? Introducing the "family command center". This is an idea that my friend, Abby, posted on Facebook and I quickly realized it was all over Pinterest. You know I can't resist a good Pinterest project!

My "Pinspiration" was all over the place for this project:

This was the first family command center I loved. I knew I needed wire magazine racks, a calendar, weekly meal plan and weekly Bible verse.

Next, I stumbled across this command center and loved how the kids each had their own bin. I also decided I would need to include an 'L' for our last name. 

After making a list of the items I needed I decided that I couldn't wait any longer to get started. Brian was at work and my mom was out for the day so I had no choice but to bring the boys shopping with me! Typically, I don't take the boys on shopping trips because it usually proves more difficult than productive. After a quick pep talk in the car I was ready to brave the first store, Hobby Lobby! I hit the jackpot and scored the following items for 50% off:

I was so excited that everything I found was 50% off. As I was linking the items for this post it doesn't look like they are on sale currently. However, Hobby Lobby always rotates their sales so I'm sure if you check back periodically you will find them at a great price. The boys were amazing as I walked back and forth in the store trying to find the perfect items for this project. I decided to head to Target in search of a dry erase calendar. 

I found the perfect one on clearance for $8.99! Yay! 

I made one final stop at Home Goods and found a grey frame to use for the weekly menu

As soon as I arrived home and unloaded everything I was ready to get started putting our family command center together. 

I am so excited about how our family command center turned out! I love that everything has a home and will no longer live on our island. I think the weekly Bible verse will be an amazing addition to our family and I'm hopeful that the weekly meal plan will keep me from waiting until the last minute to make dinner plans.