Monday, March 9, 2015

{Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse} Day 1

The past two weeks I have done really well sticking to a low calorie diet to ensure that my calories IN are less than my calories OUT. A couple of my friends from church completed the Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse and lost 9 and 10 pounds each and said they felt amazing afterwards! I decided it was the perfect opportunity to dedicate myself further to my weight loss challenge.

I printed out the 3 Day Detox plan and decided it wasn't going to be fun but I was going to do it! The lunch drink makes me super nervous. I don't like celery, cucumber or kale and just look at the first three ingredients. Yikes!

I begged my mom to go with me to the store because I knew that searching for items I don't usually purchase would be more than I could handle alone with two boys who don't share my love of shopping. After the longest grocery trip of my life I managed to find everything on the shopping list. Thank the Lord we didn't have to go to another store! 

I came home and unpacked everything to make sure I hadn't missed an essential item.

I felt healthier just by looking at all of this healthy food! 

Green Tea: I started the day with the recommended green tea and lemon. I'm not a huge fan of lemon but the flavor worked well with the green tea. 

Breakfast Shake: This shake tasted pretty good. I liked the fruity flavors and drank it pretty quickly. The one thing that made this shake unappealing is the seeds (I'm assuming from the raspberries). The seeds gave the shake a weird texture but the taste was good.

Lunch Shake: Ugh! This shake is HUGE and it is definitely lacking the fruity flavors that I enjoyed from the morning shake. It took me nearly three hours but I finally managed to drink the majority (I definitely wasn't scraping the cup clean) of the green concoction. On a positive note, I wasn't hungry at all at this point! ;) 

Dinner Shake: Thankfully this shake is much better than the lunch option. There is a little kick to it from the cayenne pepper! 

Y'all let me just say...after the lunch shake I was questioning whether or not I could do this for two more days. However, I'm thrilled to say that after my T25 workout and dinner shake I feel so motivated to continue for the next two days! 

I ended the day with the recommended Epsom salt and lavender detox bath and it was heavenly! How did I not know about this? If you don't do any other part of this cleanse, you HAVE to try this bath! 

Yay for surviving day one....bring on day 2!