Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Adventures

My dad's birthday was on Thursday but we postponed our celebration until the following day.  After school I ran to Walmart to pick up the essentials for the birthday dinner of BBQ chicken, green beans, mac & cheese, and deviled eggs. I don't make BBQ chicken often but I must say, it was delicious!

Saturday I woke up feeling like I was forgetting something. After checking my calendar multiple times I finally relaxed and realized I actually had a Saturday with no plans! The boys and I enjoyed a lazy day at home. I managed to wash and dry all of their newly purchased spring clothes, however, they currently remain in the dryer! Maybe they will magically fold themselves while I'm at work...a girl can dream, right?

My sweet friend Christina purchased a beach bag from me through Initial Outfitters for her upcoming beach trip. I failed to remember to give it to her last weekend at Griffin's party so we decided to meet in Burlington, which is about half way between our homes. Christina and her husband, Dan, have the cutest little girl, Amelia. My boys and I adore her! We shopped around Target for a while and then headed next door to Chick-fil-a for dinner.  When we arrived we realized that it was Daddy and daughter date night! As Brian watched all the little girls on a date with their daddy he began to get a bit emotional realizing he wouldn't have that opportunity seeing as we have two boys. He is always adamant that two kiddos is plenty but he seemed open to more at that moment...unfortunately, the feeling didn't last. Maybe I need to check the schedule for daddy and daughter date night and pop in a few times each month! ;)

Sunday was quite the busy day. Brian had to work so he wasn't able to join us for church. I got the boys and myself ready and headed to church. Griffin went into the Sunday School class with Elijah for the first time and did great. As usual, he made it through the singing of the 11:00 service but headed down to the nursery with his Nanny for the remainder of the service due to his constant talking.  After church I had an Initial Outfitters party so the boys went with their Nanny and Poppy for the afternoon. After my party I picked up the kiddos and went home to pick up Brian and then headed to a surprise party at Blue Naples, a local Italian Restaurant. The food was delicious as usual! 

We had a great weekend filled with lots of  time with family and friends. I'm looking forward to a two day work week and ready for some time at home with my loves!