Monday, March 23, 2015

Griffin's 2nd Birthday Party

Let me just start by saying that I can't believe my baby is TWO!! The last two years have seriously flown by at a speed that I am not ok with! I'm going to need time to sloooooow down!

When the time arrived to choose the party theme for Griffin's party there was no question what the theme would be....trains! This kid, and his older brother, love trains! Their favorite is of course, Thomas the Train, however, I'm not a fan of the Thomas party decorations. I much prefer the classic train theme like the one I ultimately chose by NickWillJack on Etsy. 

With each birthday party, I search Pinterest for DIY party ideas and then compile a list of my "must do" projects. The many nights I spent working on the decorations definitely paid off. I love how everything turned out! 

We used black Gorilla tape to create a train track leading up our sidewalk to the party entrance.  

The coloring station was a a hit! What kid doesn't love to color with markers? I bought these trains for the kiddos to decorate. The weather turned out to be nicer than expected so we quickly moved this little table outside for the kids to enjoy. This was great for the bigger kids too!

Train whistles are always fun party favors! Helpful Hint: pass out the whistles at the END of the party! ;)

For the past few years I have made the boys' birthday cakes. This year I decided to take one thing off my "to do" list and reached out to my friend and former hair stylist, Crystal, that just so happens to be a fabulous cake decorator. I am so thankful I did! She did an amazing job! If you live near Stokesdale you should definitely check her out. The idea for this cake came from a picture I found online here.

These little suitcases are adorable and the perfect addition to a train themed party!

The train favor bags were filled with Thomas the Train goodies and loaded into another adorable suitcase to set the scene for the perfect "baggage claim" area.

Although the decorations are my favorite party prep task, watching my little man have a blast on his special day is by far my favorite part! I'll let the pictures do the talking...

I could add a million more pictures but I think you get the idea. Between the bounce house, train coloring, bubbles, food, presents, Thomas "roller coaster", friends and family, we had a blast! 

It's so hard to believe that it has been two years since my little family became a family of four. We are loving our life together and I can't wait to see what the next year holds for G man! Time to gear up for Elijah's 5th birthday! What?!?