Tuesday, March 10, 2015

{Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse} Day 2

IDay 2 started out a little rocky! I had to have blood work this morning so I wasn't able to  eat breakfast  drink my shakes first thing this morning. I prepare my shakes the night before, thankfully, so I was able to grab my breakfast and lunch shakes and head out the door. While I remembered to grab the coffee mug and green tea bag, I failed to grab the lemon to add to the tea. Boo! Hopefully the lack of lemon didn't effect the outcome of the cleanse too drastically. 

When I was finally able to drink my tea I started to feel a little nauseous. About that time my sister, who is doing the cleanse with me, sent me a text to tell me she was feeling nauseous as well. I remembered reading that nausea can be a side effect of the cleanse due to toxins leaving my body so I wasn't too concerned.  

I decided to attempt the breakfast shake although I was feeling nauseous because I assumed the nausea was a normal side effect and would pass. Thankfully that was the right choice and after finishing the breakfast shake I was feeling much better about day 2!  

I am thrilled to tell you that the lunch shake was so much better today! I made two modifications in hopes of making the shake more palatable! First, I didn't put the shake in the freezer. Yesterday, I decided the freezer would make it taste better because surely a frozen green drink is better than a warm green drink right? Wrong! Freezing the shake made it thicker and a very undesirable consistency. Today I decided to just keep it in the refrigerator and the consistency was so much easier to consume. Yay! Secondly, I decided to squeeze the lime juice into the shake rather than blend the actual lime into the shake. I thought the lime flavor was too strong on Day 1 so I was hopeful this option would help and it definitely did! I'm extremely surprised to say that I actually enjoyed the lunch shake today. 

After school we had a staff meeting and this is usually a time that I enjoy an afternoon snack. However, that wasn't the case today. Instead, I grabbed my water bottle and drank an entire 32oz during the meeting. 

The dinner shake was about the same as yesterday. The red pepper literally makes me hot while drinking it. 

I'm looking forward to Day 3 tomorrow and can't believe I've made it two days without chewing food!