Friday, April 1, 2016

Griffin's 3rd Birthday Party: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

My smallest boy is officially 3 (insert all the tears here)! It blows my mind how quickly time flies by since becoming a mommy. Although the thought of having a three year old as my baby seems unreal, I do love throwing each and every birthday party and this year was no exception! 

Griffin's adorable shirt was created by my super talented friend, Jessalyn.
When it came time to choose a birthday theme, Griffin was only interested in one option: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! The kid is obsessed! I quickly joined forces with my friend and Cupcakes and Confetti business partner, Sara, to plan the perfect party to celebrate my little man. 

As with every party I plan, I began with an Etsy search to find the perfect printable party pack. Amanda's Parties To Go is my favorite shop and always has the most perfect party printables! Her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party pack was exactly what I was looking for. With the perfect Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character cutouts in hand, I set out to make my first DIY party decoration: 

I am thrilled with how his name turned out and I think it was the perfect project to begin my party planning. 

One focal point of a party is always the food table and it is one area that I love to plan. Themed foods with silly matching names gets me every time! Griffin's Mickey food table is definitely one of my favorites, what do you think? 


I had every intention of sticking with cupcakes for this party, however, when your nearly three year old specifically requests a Mickey cake you make a Mickey cake! Seeing as I am a cupcake making kind of girl, I am thrilled with how his cake turned out!

Through all of the party planning, the hardest part was keeping a pretty big secret from little man. This big secret turned out to be his favorite part of the party! Mickey is the part of the party that he is still talking about today. If you are a stranger in a store we visit he is most certainly going to tell you all about the time that Mickey came to his party! "Hey! Guess who came to my birthday party! Mickey!! He didn't have a car but he gave my a high five!" Haha!

A HUGE thank you to this girl right here for making all of Griffin's Mickey dreams come true by being the best Mickey ever!

Based on the fact that Griffin is still talking about his party to everyone he meets, I'd say it was a pretty successful party!

Now I'm off to begin planning big brother's 6th birthday party...