Monday, February 2, 2015

Classroom Management at Home? Yes, Please!

It's official! I'm the worst blogger ever! One of my New Year's Resolutions was to be more consistent with blogging and well, it is now February 2nd and I'm ready to make that happen!

Elijah, my four year old son, is finding it hard to turn is listening ears on and his whining off! Seeing as I am a third grade teacher, I decided to put my classroom management skills to work! I mean, if a behavior chart can help 20 students follow directions then surely it can work miracles for one child! Right?!?

I decided to introduce the clip chart behavior system. This little system has been such a blessing in the classroom and I am so excited to use it with Elijah. I sat down with Elijah to discuss what our family rules should be. I began calling this "Elijah's Rules" but decided that family rules would be a better fit seeing as these are rules that apply to our whole family and will soon work for our nearly two year old, Griffin.

Elijah will start each day on "Good Job." We will mark where he is on the chart with a clothes pin (soon to be added). I will have in decorate the clothes pin to help increase his ownership of this little chart. One little trick I've learned in my seven years of teaching is that when they feel a part of the new system they are more likely to follow it willingly!

As the day progresses, Elijah will have the opportunity to move up or down the chart depending on his behavior. I LOVE this part of the clip chart system! Even if he moves down the chart, he has the opportunity to improve his behavior and move back up. This is helpful because occasionally students who move down give up and continue to act out. Having the opportunity to move back up gives them motivation to reflect on their behavior and make improvements.

At the end of each day we will discuss where he is on the chart. I have purchased small sticker jewels that we will add to his clothes pin each day he ends the day on "Great Job." My plan is to take him to the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot to pick out a few small prizes. Once his clip is full of jewels he will be able to choose a prize from his prize box that is filled with toys he selected. Exciting, right?

Click Here to download your own copy of this behavior chart. If you would like to have different rules or consequences feel free to let me know and I can email you the version of your choice!