Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Breakfast

Unfortunately, my hubby had to work this morning so I planned to make the boys a fun Valentine's Day breakfast. Cinnamon rolls are their favorite but I rarely make them since we are striving to make healthier choices.

I found this tutorial and got busy!

 I chose the Cinnabon edition of Pillsbury's cinnamon rolls because who doesn't like Cinnabon?

Begin by separating the preformed cinnamon rolls and locate the center of the roll where the spiral begins. Seeing as the cinnamon rolls aren't cut all the way through, you will need to take a knife and cut the spiral in order to form the heart shape. 

 Next, unroll the cinnamon roll into a straight-ish line.

Hold both ends and roll them towards the center.

To form the point, simply pinch together the middle. 

Place the adorable hearts into a 9in. round baking pan with the point towards the middle and bake according to the package directions. 

When finished baking, spread the yummy icing over the cinnamon sure to put the most on the one you will be eating! Can you tell which one is mine?? Haha!

Ta-da! Look how adorable they are! They are just as yummy as they are cute! 

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy!