Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DIY Canvas Pictures

Due to the fact that I have an amazingly talented photographer that just happens to be my cousin, I have a house full of beautiful photos hanging on our walls CDs with beautiful pictures. I made it my mission to finally print our latest family portraits and display them throughout our home. I was in love with the idea of canvases rather than framed pictures but canvases are super costly and that just doesn't work for my teacher budget. Rather than giving up my desire for canvases, I turned to Pinterest for a DIY version.

I found several tutorials but ultimately decided on this tutorial. I like the way that it created the canvas texture on each photograph. I printed 16x20 prints at SAMs club for around $5 each. I picked up all other necessary supplies at Michaels. 

I put the boys down for their nap and got to work! I was able to complete all five canvases during their nap! I let the canvases dry for the remaining afternoon and was able to hang them up after the boys went to bed for the evening. I LOVE how they turned out! This was a super easy project and I definitely plan to convert several other framed prints from around my house into beautiful canvases. 

This project was so easy that I decided it would be the perfect gift for my students to give to their parents for a Christmas gift. With the help of my fabulous coworkers, we were able to turn 67 student portraits into beautiful canvases. The kiddos were so proud and I'm sure the parents loved having a present they could keep out year-round!

If you haven't tried a DIY canvas project, I highly recommend trying it! It's super easy and so much cheaper than purchases canvas prints.