Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pretty Tan Minus the Wrinkles ;)

While nursing Griffin I developed Melasma! If you aren't familiar with the annoying problem, it is basically just dark patches that pop up all over your face! Mine is above my lip and on my cheeks! The more sun I get the darker it gets. I have to wear sunscreen everyday to help keep it from darkening. I also used a prescription medicine for it.
I used to love laying out in the sun but now I view the sun as my enemy! I'd much rather be pale than look like I have a mustache! Thankfully, last year I discovered the world of self tanning! I can now be tan without the risk of sun damage, wrinkles, skin cancer, and worsening melasma! Yay! I have used two different tanning products, both of which I would recommend! 

I don't use tanner in the winter but I recently started using it again.

This picture is immediately following the first application of the Sun brand tanner...keep in mind it darkens for 3 hours. 

Here is a picture of when I first purchased my Easter outfit and this morning...two days later! 

I LOVE the results! Self tanner takes some practice for sure! I still need more practice around my ankles and feet but overall I love it!

Before trying self tanner, I recommend watching a few YouTube videos on how to apply it correctly. You should shower, shave and exfoliate first! I apply the self tanner at night and go to bed wearing loose clothes. When I wake up I shower to rinse off the color guard and get ready as usual...just a few shades darker!

If you have a self tanner that you love please let me know! Happy tanning!