Tuesday, May 5, 2015

{Weight Loss Wednesday} Week 10

Weight loss this week: 1.4 lbs 
Total weight loss: 20.6 lbs

I finally hit the 20 pounds milestone!! I am feeling super proud and so motivated to lose the rest of this weight! 

I'm feeling much more confident when eating out. When I first began this journey, going out to eat made me so nervous because I wasn't sure that I had the willpower to make good choices. I didn't like feeling like I was in control of what I was eating. 10 weeks in, I'm happy to report that eating out is back to being a fun event. 

When eating out I stick with the meat and veggie options and avoid bread. 

It was finally warm enough for me to wear a couple of the new outfits I have been so excited about. Did I mention I was in a size 6?!?? (previously a 10!) Yay! 

I've also continued the 100 squats a day challenge this week! I am loving the results! I'm getting so much stronger and can already see a change compared to my "before" picture! 

I'm looking forward to another great week and hopefully having the first two numbers in my weight change once again...fingers crossed!