Sunday, May 17, 2015

{Weekend Adventures} Busy with a Splash of Scary

This weekend was a mix of busy, fun, productivity, and scary! 

After leaving school on Friday, I ran into town to pick up a few last minute additions to Elijah's new vintage train room in hopes of having everything I needed to begin the room makeover on Saturday. I also grabbed dinner to take home and headed home to spend the rest of the evening with my boys. 

I woke up early Saturday and headed to breakfast with my mom and niece. We went to Bojangles and I enjoyed my first cup of sweat tea in what feels like an eternity! It was delicious and worth every calorie! We stopped by Michaels on the way home to pick up a few frames I had failed to get on Friday. 

As soon as we arrived home it was time for Elijah's tball game. After a quick change of clothes we were back in the van and made it to his game right as it was starting! Whew! 

After the game it was finally time to tackle Elijah's room makeover. Thanks to my friend Sara, I managed to get a few areas of his room completed though I can't wait to share the final reveal! 

That evening I headed out with my mom to go shopping yet again. I managed to find not one, not two, but three elephant shirts! I'm slightly obsessed with elephants and have been for quite a while now. I'm so excited the rest of the world has joined in my obsession! 

I headed to bed shortly after returning home with every intention of an early tummy had other plans! After tossing and turning I decided to get up and tell Brian, who was watching the race, that I didn't feel right. I ensured him I would be ok and headed back to bed after getting some water. After about five minutes of laying back down I was literally rolled up into a ball trying to ease the pain in my stomach. It seriously felt like someone was stabbing me and twisting the knife on the inside! The pain kept getting worse which is what made me so concerned. I literally thought my stomach was going to rip open! When I finally made it into the living room with Brian, by crawling might I add, he insisted we go to the hospital and at this point I had to agree. Brian called mom and she came to watch the boys while we headed to the hospital. 

Upon arrival, I was quickly checked in and an ultrasound was requested seeing as they thought it may be my gallbladder. Soon after getting changed into my very stylish gown, my dad arrived! News travels fast in my family! Haha! While we waited for the ultrasound, I received a bag of IV fluid and acid neutralizer. The ultrasound was not nearly as fun as the ultrasounds I loved so much with the boys.

Thankfully my gallbladder was fine but they seem to think I have an ulcer. I'm awaiting a call from a GI doctor tomorrow to schedule an appointment with them go have a light/scope ran down my throat. This sounds super scary to me but will hopefully lead to answers for the crazy pain I was having! In the meantime, I'm on an acid blocker medication twice a day and a limited diet to help avoid another flare up! Fingers crossed that it works! 

Sunday was much more relaxing! Thanks to my amazing hubby, who was up until 3:30am with me, I was able to sleep in while he got the boys ready and took them to church. We spent the rest of the day resting and playing with the favorite kind of day! 

I hope everyone has a great week as we anticipate the upcoming holiday weekend!