Wednesday, June 17, 2015

{Weekend Adventures} T-ball, Pool Fun and Bible School

After leaving work on Friday, I went to lunch with my 3rd grade friends. Being teacher, we don't get to eat lunch out very often so we are always excited when we can!

After lunch, I headed to daycare to surprise the boys by picking them up early. We headed home to spend a couple hours playing before I headed out to my Initial Outfitters party for the evening. 

Saturday morning was filled with the usual cleaning and t-ball game. Elijah was thrilled to receive his first trophy! He even insisted on bringing it to church the following day! 

After nearly roasting to death at the game, we raced straight to mom's house for a quick swim. We are loving that mom now has a pool for us to enjoy! The boys had a blast. We spent the rest of the afternoon napping! 

Around 4, we headed to see Brian's new store in Winston Salem. I'm sad that he is much farther away from home but I'm proud of his accomplishments with his company and know that this is just one step closer to him reaching his goal. After getting a tour of the new store, we headed to dinner. Next stop was Sams Club! We were on a mission to grab the last inflatable water slide! This is going to be a gift from multiple family members for Elijah's birthday. I think I may be as excited as he is! 

Sunday morning we headed to church as usual. We were also able to get an adorable picture of the boys and their Poppy.

After a yummy lunch at Furstys (I love the salad bar!) we headed home. The boys napped while I headed to the grocery store. Surprisingly, I enjoy my weekly solo trip to the store. Before kids I would have never said that but now I enjoy the time to myself even if it is at a grocery store! Haha!

Next on the agenda was Bible School. Elijah has attended for a couple years now and Griffin was excited that he was able to attend this year but I was rather hesitant seeing as his typical bedtime is 7:00pm and Bible School isn't over until 8:30pm. Yikes! Thankfully his first night went surprisingly well.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer where everyday is MY WEEKEND!! Wahoo!