Monday, June 8, 2015

{Weekend Adventures} Graduation and Family Fun

Whew! This weekend has left me exhausted but super excited about the fact that it is my last week of school before summer break!

Friday night was Elijah's Pre-K graduation. I was flooded with mixed emotions throughout the ceremony. I was filled with pride as I watched my little man perform the songs he had practiced so hard on, however, I was sad and in disbelief that I am the mom of a child heading to kindergarten! What?? How did this happen?

Saturday morning we woke up at children didn't get the memo that is was Saturday. This is a message I intend to explain to them over summer break! We spent the morning cuddling on the couch, eating breakfast, blowing bubbles with our amazing Thomas the Train whistle bubbles and watching Elijah's t-ball game. 

After Elijah's game, we came home and let Griffin squeeze in a quick nap. Seeing as the weather was beautiful, we headed to the Keely Park Sprayground to meet my friends Christina and Dan and their sweet girl, Amelia. If you haven't been before you should definitely check it out. It's entirely FREE and super fun!

After an afternoon at the the Sprayground we were definitely hungry! Thankfully, Brian's mom invited us over for dinner. We headed straight to her house for a quick and delicious dinner. We didn't say as long as we usually do because we were on a mission to get the boys to bed on time seeing as we had a surprise in store for the following day.

Sunday morning we work up bright and early to head to Tweetsie Railroad to spend a day out with Thomas. For my two train obsessed boys, this was HUGE! They were so excited to meet Thomas and ride along an actual railroad track. We also enjoyed all of the other activities that Tweetsie has to offer. The boys especially loved the Sky Lift and Mouse Train.

We had the best weekend we have had in a while! Weekends like this make me even more excited that I am able to spend the entire summer with my family!