Sunday, April 13, 2014

Officially entered the world of team sports!

Elijah had his first blastball game this weekend. If you're like I was, you have absolutely no clue what blastball is! Blastball is basically a step below tee ball. The children hit the ball off of a tee and run to the one and only base. The base sounds a loud "BLAST" when the child jumps on it! This is by far the most exciting part of the entire game for Elijah! The kiddos in the outfield try to pick up the ball after it is hit and yell BLAST! The yelling of "blast" signifies an "out", although we didn't keep score at all! Blastball is such a fun game and a great introduction to the fundamentals of baseball

The game was bright and early Saturday morning, but it couldn't get here fast enough for this cutie! He was so excited on the ride to the game.

Seeing as most of our family lives relatively close, Elijah had a quite the fan club at his first game! 

Elijah was able to bat twice and I am extremely proud to report that he hit the ball both times! Yay!

Unlike most of the kiddos playing in the first game, Elijah actually ran to the base rather than after the ball! Go Elijah!

And now for the cuteness...

 Despite being pretty sleepy, Griffin managed with watch big brother's first game. No matter what he was doing, when people started clapping he always joined in!

  Showing off his muscles!

 Celebrating a successful first game with cousin Kyleigh. 

We are so proud of this little man!

We are thrilled that Elijah's first game went so well and we can't wait to see how the rest of the season goes!