Friday, April 11, 2014

Learning Lots

As a teacher, I realize the importance of early education. When Elijah started to show interest in learning, I began searching Pinterest to find activities appropriate for his age. I realized that although he had a desire for learning his attention span was lacking. Enter the handy dandy busy bag! These are small "bags" of single activities that can be completed rather quickly, thus avoiding the lack of attention issue. Yay! Here are a few of the busy bags I have created.

*Lot 1*
Elijah loves puzzles but isn't always patient enough for the traditional puzzle pieces. These popsicle puzzles are definitely a better option for him.I created one puzzle using a family picture taken by my amazingly talented cousin, Anna. Check out for an awesome photographer! The other puzzle is simply Elijah's name...problem solving and name recognition in one activity!!

*Lot 2*
What kid doesn't love beads? I used chenille stems to avoid the frustration of trying to put beads on the typical string. I have used these several ways...he enjoys making his own patterns and I have also made patterns that he had to replicate. 

*Lot 3*
We have also been working on one-to-one correspondence. The first activity shows Elijah counting out the correct number of beans for each card. The second activity adds some fine motor skills practice through the use of tongs. Elijah uses the tongs to place the correct number of pom poms on the card. I also color coded the circles on each card so that he reviews color matching as well.

*Lot 4*

This next activity is by far Elijah's favorite! I created a fishing activity using a magnetic fishing pole. He fishes for numbers as well as letters. Fun!

*Lot 5*

Although Elijah recognizes all of his letters, he needed a bit of practice matching up the lowercase and capital letters. This spoon matching activity is a simple, yet fun solution.

*Lot 6*

Now that he can recognize his letters it is time to practice writing them. I used a photo album to create a portable way for him to practice writing his letters. I created cards with each letter of the alphabet along with lines for him to write on. He uses a dry erase maker that wipes right off for repeated practice. This activity is great for an "on the go" activity!

*Lot 7*

Number matching is much more fun with monkeys and bananas! I added stars to the bananas and Elijah finds the corresponding monkey.

*Lot 8*
This next activity creates an opportunity for Elijah to practice letter recognition and fine motor skills. I wrote the capital letter on the sentence strip and the lower case letter on the clothespin.

I am constantly thinking of new activities to create for Elijah. I want to take advantage of this precious time where my little man is like a sponge...soaking up knowledge so quickly! I will post more busy bags as I create them.